Sep 25, 2012


everythings just happened without permission. when you decide something it means that you will take the risk. its me, still a 17yo girl but the situation push to me to be a mature one. i don't know anymore and i start to not care at all about that guy who break the rules that he made before. you know, when you trust someone then he break it, how hard he make promise or how beautiful the promises that he makes, it wouldn't change anything, because he already break his promises. it means that he didn't respect himself. he bring down his own respectsssss. i already tired to wait someone that never respect me, appreciate what i did, i can't take my time any longer with somebody like that, and in addition the distance, you break my rules. but thank you, you are just somebody that i used to know.

Sep 1, 2012


Hello september, kali ini ga blogging blogging gara gara tugas kuliah bener bener banyak pfff. Then, i'm not going to be fat i think wkowkow, i'm in dorm in the fourth floor, can you imagine that?.and fyi every student that stay at dorm should be 'solat subuh berjamaah dimesjid nurl ilmi' yang jauhnya lumayan bikin betis hamil. hell. its a must, they told me.

talk about abel, sediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih! today is our last dinner. he will flight tomorrow going back to nangor and we are not gonna meet about 5 months later. kurang nyiksa apa lagi coba, of course i'm crying (again). today, seharian abisin waktu sama abel. actually, ga cukup cuma hari ini. maunya besok juga seharian, dan besok dan besok besoknya lagi. yakali dia ga kuliah lut ga balik balik kenangor pfff.

puncak senengnya itu tadi, waktu kita cerita gimana dia bisa dapetin gue *sombong. apalagi dia rela ambil keputusan kaya begitu supaya tau reaksi gue kaya gimana (just me, him and maybe her that know about this), speechless abelmanja!!

i'll be miss you, telfon, skype, bbman ga bakal cukup. and our first year anniversary, in September 21st. gimana ya rasanya aniv satu tahun ga bareng bareng pfff, biasanya kita buat hal hal bodoh yang seharusnya di monthly anniv itu hal hal romantis bel hiiiih abel. thanks for your pinkie promises, at least it makes me know that kamu cuma buat aku syg!

"tenang hon, masih ada aku disni buat kamu"