Aug 11, 2012

As Long As You Love Me

Listen kid, my daughter is everything. She need me as much as i need her. it means someday i have to let a girl, what i do she needs to be with a man not a boy, that what you are. 
I love her...
and actually i know type guy you are, whats part time are you used to be the same thing, now that means oneday you'll leave her for somebody else break her heart, i cant
you dont know us
 i dont want too, i dont wanna know you, and get your car and leave and dont come back. it safe to do. such a big good for you
what would you do
i need to road................. 

What i wish for this video? i just wanna be that girlllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or someday, somebody will treat me like that :')
and fyi, ini video justin yang paling lama, dan good job deff jam!!!


Ice Tarunosastro said...

helloooos ilud :D walking back , hayo bikin dong, dari hardboard juga bisa :3

tour and travel surabaya said...

itu.. kenapa si justin??????