Jul 16, 2012

Yes, i'm selfish

Have you ever  feel like there's none could hear when you try to speak up? Listen to me, i'm here didnt want you to leave. You'll walk for a thousand miles. Been far away for far too long. I'm not ready for this, so fast. You always be there for me when i need you, and this times will getting hard. I just want you to be right here, next to me. This is selfish i know, but i'm-just-really-not-ready-for-this. Its not easy to tell you goodbye, its hard. i cant. gonna miss you all the time. the tears just cant stop to stream down on my cheek :'(

Someone who didnt want you to leave
i love you, as always

1 comment:

@whie said...

uncu pergi untuk kembali lud..
yang penting saling percaya.
jangan mempermasalahkan persoalan berlarut2,, bijak lah.dan selesaikan secepatnya.. klo berlarut2 akan memperkeruh nya.dan jangan sekali2 ego dikedepankan.
apalagi dalam LDR itu harus menjaga komunikasi, yg penting komunikasi terus dan jangan ada kata bosan. jangan nangis ya.. klo kangen telpon uncu,,klo gak suruh uncu yang nelpon.. :)