May 8, 2012

Aku dan Saya

This is me. I'm a simple God's made
Aku bukan dia, mantanmu
Aku bukan dia, teman teman wanitamu
Aku hanya perwakilan tangan Tuhan untuk membuatmu tersenyum
Tidak untuk menambah beban pikiran bagimu

I'm me, there is only me in this world
I'm different in my own way and its make me special for everyone who deserve it
Dont push me to answer what you wanna hear
I know what i'm doing
I'm responsible for everything decision that i take

Dont ever dare imitate 'mine' even with your own way
Dont too-much-want-to-know everything about me, kepo itu secukupnya saja
Dont judging me with your ha-ha friends if your not knowing me at ll
Because, you'll be surprised..

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