Mar 16, 2012

KONY 2012

so, actually i heard about this since a few days ago.
when my romeo, heuuheue Mark Silling update his twitter "Stop Kony, blabla"
and that "Kony" in trending topic for a couple days, so its better to let it show
because, you know i'm on my examintaion days.

and today, my exam is over
i wonder to googling, what is Kony 2012?
and i got surprised, what the hell is you kony!!!!!!!!

its better to all of you to watch this short movie
because, one times you shared this it will make it better the Uganda, Kids of Uganda.

so? c'mon man. we are living in the same world, one earth.
we all are family, so sad to know that one of yours is killing by one of the most ICC searching for, yeah Kony, Joseph Kony. The leader's of LRA.
i just cant imagine how could is that, if i were Jacob.
we have to stop it, he kidnap more than 66.000 children from Uganda
and he kill them one by one. all we need is justice for their.
we will cover the night, april 20, 2012
and this works gonna be expiris in December 31st, 2012
and its mean, kony will stop what he did for the last year, and Uganda's children will have a new hope.
Justin bieber and George Clooney is the culture makers on this works, so happy to know it!!!! pretty much biebs <3
SAVE CHILD, Stop Kony! Give your big responses!!
one thing, Jason Russel's boy is Handsommeeeee!!!

help them, pledge and donate now! at KONY2012


Aufhanza said...

Mantap lud... Tersentuh liat videonya...
Ketawa waktu ngeliat "one thing, Jason Russel's boy is Handsommeeeee!!!" :D

Luthfia Hidy Bieber said...

makasih aufa ganteeeeeeeng