Dec 31, 2011

Resolutions for 2012

A couple hours from now, we gonna reach the new year!
yay! 2012 is coming and we left all the bad things in 2011
and wishing that never happen in 2012 overall be a better me

so, i start 2012 with "will" not "wish" anymore
actually as an human, we can only plan what we want and overaall who decides is Allah
and remember this, where there's will there's way
this is my twelve resolutions..
  1. pray five times per day and more closer to Allah, my creator
  2. selfish less care more
  3. appreciate more be often thankful what i have
  4. more helpful and not wait to be given
  5. not doing something that make me regret now in 2012
  6. study hard for that yellow jacket
  7. be the best lady for my mama, 21
  8. forget for awhile about this, like blogging, youtube-ing or browsing some articles
  9. stop buying something that no need at all
  10. caring more about health
  11. greet cherrybelle? heuhueheu 
  12. hmmm, i wanna meet Justin bieber, may i? This always be my resolution of the three last year. i know Allah always listen and never sleep
So, i will do it from the first second of 2012, just wish me doing allright, Amin.
and i wanna cut my hair kata orang orang sih kaya buang sial gitu hahaha 
Thank you so much 2011, you doing great and thanks for all the sweet memories
Welcome 2012

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