Dec 20, 2011

Je suis comme une gomme à effacer

what  time is it? 3:12 when i typing this
yeah, i didnt sleep yet for hours
this is so bored, like punya tapi seperti tak punya in Bahasa
yesterday, today and the next three days
you know what i did? just sleep and do an idiot things did

hm and why the tittle is je suis comme une gomme à effacer?
in english is, i am like an eraser haha
yeah, i am just like an eraser to people around me, why?
there is no why!

let me tell you, if you want to know
but if you dont, thankyou for visiting my blog :)

yeah j'ai un amis, i also have a friend that called best friend
of course j'ai de la famille et je n'ai copain
everything is being good at the first but now
they only come when they need me and that was the fact

hmmm, i started to being nice with them but they cant pursue what i've been doing for them
i try to always beside them when they need someone to share, to laugh
i always find another way, yes another way
but when it comes to me, they dont, how poor i am?
and thats i give the tittle i am like an eraser
they only use an eraser when they need to covering  mistake up
and when they dont, they left it

actually, i am not a perfect human
but, i just feel like an idiot to being like this
am i alone in this world? no, i have them, but
when i need them the most, they try to find a billion reason to stay away from me
but when they need something from me, they will do anything and be nice for me..
in this situation i am not mad, i just ask you to beside me when the world fall me down
thats it, just a simple wishes from me


Anonymous said...

janganlaah gitu iyoooot :(

Luthfia Hidy Bieber said...

actually iya yot :'(