Dec 31, 2011

Fabulous one, just can't get enough

this is so cool, how fergie sing the song
her voice so cute, and stupendous!
and also the music video in Japan after the tsunami did.

[Chorus: Fergie]
Boy I think about it every night, and day
I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love
I wouldn't want to have it any other way
I'm addicted, and I just can't get enough

I just can't get enough
Honey got her sexy on steamin
She give the hotness a new meanin
Perfection, mami you gleamin
Inception, you got a brother dreamin, dreamin
Damn baby I'm fiendin
I'm tryin to holla at you I'm screamin
Let me love you down this evenin

Lovie lovie yeah you know you are my demon

Girl work it for a team an'
I could be the King, you could be the Queen an'
My mind's dirty and it don't need cleanin

I love you long time so you know the meanin

Oh baby I can't come down, so please come help me out
You got me feelin high and I can't step off the cloud
And I just can't get enough

Boy I think about it every night, and day
I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love
I wouldn't want to have it any other way
I'm addicted, and I just can't get enough

I just can't get enough
Honey got me runnin like I'm Flo Jo
Signed her name on my heart with an XO
Love so sweet got me vexed though
I wanna wish it right back like Presto, yes
Meantime I wait for the next time
She come around for a toast to the best time
We LOL back and forth on the text line
She got me fishin for her love, I confess I'm..
Somethin 'bout her smile and the convo
Got me high and I ain't comin down yo
My heart's pumpin out louder than electro
She got me feelin like MR. ROBOTO

Oh baby I can't come down, so please come help me out
You got me feelin high and I can't step off the cloud
And I just can't get enough

Boy I think about it every night, and day
I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love
I wouldn't want to have it any other way
I'm addicted, and I just can't get enough

"This is mega switchup"

I, just, can't (switchup)
Locked, sunk in your bed-rock
Heart, pumpin your love-shot
Knocked, out by your cold-shot
I'm, stuck in your head-lock (switchup)
Can't-can't stop-stop won't-won't quit-quit
Makin me f-f-f-f-f-fiend, give it to me
I want it all-all, know what I mean
Your love is a dose of ecstasy (switchup)
Addicted, I can't get, away from, you
Afflicted, I need it, I miss it (switchup)
I want your lovin right next to me
And I can't erase you out of my memory-ory
I just can't (switchup)

Resolutions for 2012

A couple hours from now, we gonna reach the new year!
yay! 2012 is coming and we left all the bad things in 2011
and wishing that never happen in 2012 overall be a better me

so, i start 2012 with "will" not "wish" anymore
actually as an human, we can only plan what we want and overaall who decides is Allah
and remember this, where there's will there's way
this is my twelve resolutions..
  1. pray five times per day and more closer to Allah, my creator
  2. selfish less care more
  3. appreciate more be often thankful what i have
  4. more helpful and not wait to be given
  5. not doing something that make me regret now in 2012
  6. study hard for that yellow jacket
  7. be the best lady for my mama, 21
  8. forget for awhile about this, like blogging, youtube-ing or browsing some articles
  9. stop buying something that no need at all
  10. caring more about health
  11. greet cherrybelle? heuhueheu 
  12. hmmm, i wanna meet Justin bieber, may i? This always be my resolution of the three last year. i know Allah always listen and never sleep
So, i will do it from the first second of 2012, just wish me doing allright, Amin.
and i wanna cut my hair kata orang orang sih kaya buang sial gitu hahaha 
Thank you so much 2011, you doing great and thanks for all the sweet memories
Welcome 2012

Waiting for the end

Bienvenue 2012

Dec 30, 2011

tired, crazy, STUPENDOUS!

bener bener hari hari yang melelahkan!
mulai dari kemping buat pelantikan calon angkatan 18 paskus (paskibra) junior disekolah gue
sampe jalan jalan extreme bareng anak anak Galaxi Asix

kenapa dibilang extreme?
our first goal is go to "Puncak Lawang"
everyone who has ever there said that the view is really nice!
the Maninjau lake so beautifull if we see from Puncak Lawang
but we have to face the 44 turns or kelok 44
here is the some pictures..

beautifull! SubhanAllah

The 21st turn

and finally the last turns, 44

Dec 26, 2011

What an idiot

It will rain

dem! i mean this music video, and goes to real...

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
If you ever leave me, baby,
Leave some morphine at my door
Cause it would take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have,
We don't have it anymore.

There's no religion that could save me
No matter how long my knees are on the floor, oh
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm making
To keep you by my side
And keep you from walking out the door.

Cause there'll be no sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds,
my eyes will do the same if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain,
rain, rain

I'll never be your mother's favorite
Your daddy can't even look me in the eye
Oooh if I was in their shoes, I'd be doing the same thing
Saying there goes my little girl
walking with that troublesome guy
But they're just afraid of something they can't understand

Oooh well little darling watch me change their minds
Yea for you I'll try, I'll try, I'll try, I'll try
I'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleeding
If that'll make it right

Cause there'll be no sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds,
my eyes will do the same if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain,
rain, rain

Ooooh Don't just say
goodbye, don't just say, goodbye
I'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleeding
If that'll make it right

Cause there'll be no sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds,
my eyes will do the same if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain,
rain, rain...


yesterday  in my hometown
my two brothers, my cousin and i just dont know what to do besides watch a movie
soooo, we made lipsync video and taking a picutre with photobooth in his mac


hm, thankyou Ikha!
Finally, she made a picture of me haha
So cute, and exactly beautiful.
here is the picture..

Dec 23, 2011

I Tagged, Finally

thankyou  Widya for tagging me milkysmile
finally, di tag juga ahaha
udah lama pengen ditag tapi ga enak juga kali ya minta minta ahaha
Merci widya!

here's the game
owkay, lets begin it Fellas
eleven things that closer about me....
  1. moslem
  2. i am a part of 14 million fans of Belieber
  3. i love france's. someday, i am gonna live in Paris. Amin
  4. i love my 21 so freakin much
  5. sangat amat tidak bisa memahami Fisika, Kimia huft
  6. benci katak or kodok atau semua saudara saudaranya
  7. lagi mempelajari fotografi
  8. me without music is just nothing
  9. baik, gue bakal lebih baik. jahat? bayangin aja gimana jahatnya gue
  10. gue cantik :$

    answer the question that from tagger you've been tagged
    1.Siapa yang kamu idolain? Kenapa kamu ngidolain dia?
    Dulu waktu Sd, jaman jamannya buat Biodata dibinder pertanyaan kaya begini selalu muncul nih xoxo. Hm, idola ya bukan yang pasti jadi idola hidu kita yah (ex: ur god, ur parents, ur family, or someone else). My idol issssss, of course Justin Drew Bieber, the kids from Stratford, Canada. 
    2. Kalo dapet kesempatan, duit sekoper jatuh dari langit misalnya... Kamu udah kasih ke polisi, katanya itu jadi hak kamu... Apa yang bakalan kamu lakuin dengan duit segitu banyak?
    Goes to FRENCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Mustachace!!
    3. Kartun yang disukain sampai sekarang?
    apa ya? semua suka sih. mulai dari Jimmy Neutron, fairy odd parents, Hey Arnold! sampe Doraemon
    4.Quote yang paling bisa masukin hati kamu apa?
    "Be your self" hahah itu quote waktu jaman jamannya Sd lol. actually there's some quotes that i loved.
    5. Kalau ada dua cowok yang secara langsung nembak kamu, dengan kriteria kaya gini...(cont)
    My 21 is good enough
    6. Sebagai cewek, kamu nggak suka cewek yang gimana yaa?
    wah haha, over in another things. and a hypocrite girls
    7. Menurut kamu punya binatang peliharaan di rumah itu gunanya apa sih?
    is cool actually, we can play sometime they can be our bestfriend that always exist when we need them. dan ini waktu gue punya hamster, ini asli kejadian, setiap adzan shubuh dia selalu coba keluar dr rumahnya (kandangnya si Gipsy ada dikamar gue) dan gigit gigitin telinga gue sampe gue kebangun dan masukin dia kekandangnya lagi, trus solat. Fabulous, isn't? 
      8.Cinta Indonesia dong, udah pakai barang ber-label -made in Indonesia- belom? Kalau udah apa item.nya?
      Banyak cuy
      9. Gimana pose foto kamu?
      haha gimana ya, setidaknya layak dilihatlah yaaa..
      10. Kalau kamu dapet peringkat pertama se Indonesia, 5 hal apa yang akan kamu lakuin?
      pertama, orang orang yang dulu remehin gue "See? i can do something better than you!". cuma itu yang penting, kalo bisa sih bunh tikus tikus berdasi.
      11. Jelasin dong, menurut kamu pertanyaan dari aku ini gimana? Jujur loh ya!
      a lil bit nice :)

      Then, Create 11 questions..
      1. Dulu waktu masih kecil, what is your goal?
      2. is that important to you, to always sacrifice for someone you love?
      3. How its feels to have a lil bro/sis?
      4. an insomniac?
      5. Want to move to the other planet? where is exactly?
      6. if you could trade places with any others for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
      7. if you could be any character in harry potter or twilight saga, or smurf, whom would you be?
      8. what makes you angry the most?
      9. can you describe only in one word about yourself?
      10. if you could be the President of  "The Bermuda Triangle" area, what would you do first?

      and finally tag 11 person..
      1. OPI
      2. OLA
      3. IKHA
      thats all, too lazy to tag the 7 more hehehe

        Dec 22, 2011

        happy mother's day and get well very soon to me

        thankyou widya for tagging me in your post
        finally i've been tagged haha
        but i will post it soon, i am not feeling well today
        i dont know why, i relapsed my pain, asthma
        i am not strong enough to type that post, but thankyou
        obtenez ainsi très tôt à me

        but, befor i quit
        you have a great mom, everymom in this world is great!
        love her as much as you can

        was taken about  two months ago

        My beloved mom


        Dec 20, 2011


        Uhm, hello, can we get the party started, yeah!
        Uhm, hello, can we get the party started…
        Young Money
        I’m the fireball, I’m the fireball, I’m the fire
        I’m the fireball, I’m the fireball, I’m the fire
        I’m the fireball, I’m the fireball, I’m the fire
        Fire, fire, fire
        [Willow - Verse 1]
        Since I landed here, I gon’ phone up a Obama
        Shook the world up, now I caused a little drama
        Leader of the new school, and yes I’m gonna light up the block to the stage when I wanna
        Brighter than the stars, throw my head up the curve
        Don’t get, walk it off, check it I walk with a slur
        Levitating in my mom’s all weather fur
        Imma rock the world, til they follow Willow
        [Willow - Verse 2]
        See I ain’t never been the one to toot my own horn, beep, beep
        Now watch me put her on
        I set fire everywhere I play, make them all go insane, L.A to UK
        Now Imma burn it up, when I step on the scene
        My whole crew is fresh, and they rolling with me
        You can turn me up yep to the extreme
        Imma rock the World til they follow with me
        [Nicki Minaj - Verse 3]
        Ayo Willow, didn’t I just see you in China? (wattup)
        Y-y-you’re real major even though you a minor
        Your daddy keep you in designer
        Y-y-your gali-gali-gali ya your Girly kinda
        Ok I’m the street fighter, call me Chun-Li
        a-a-and it’s goin’ down, l-l-like a bum knee
        Built a guest house to put the coupe in
        ’cause I’m a fireball, Hadouken
        Put you under my wing, I’m the top boss
        Ain’t from Louisiana but I’m hot sauce
        Cuffed the mountain just to go and build a house off
        so I ain’t never gotta worry what the house cost
        If they comin’ at you tell ‘em raise up
        When it’s time to whip your hair put your braids up
        Tell ‘em escalator, elevator yeah that mean to step your weight up
        Ain’t nobody greater, Will and Jada is my neighbor, hater!
        Watch the fire burn, burn, burn
        Watch me heat it up
        Watch the fire burn, burn, burn
        Watch me heat it up
        Watch the fire burn, burn, burn
        Watch me heat it up

        owkay that ws the last post for today, i have to go bed
        uhm what time is it? 6:31 AM
        it means i am not sleep yet for 6 hours 31 minutes
        Good Morning, thank you for read this, and CIAO!!

        Je suis comme une gomme à effacer

        what  time is it? 3:12 when i typing this
        yeah, i didnt sleep yet for hours
        this is so bored, like punya tapi seperti tak punya in Bahasa
        yesterday, today and the next three days
        you know what i did? just sleep and do an idiot things did

        hm and why the tittle is je suis comme une gomme à effacer?
        in english is, i am like an eraser haha
        yeah, i am just like an eraser to people around me, why?
        there is no why!

        let me tell you, if you want to know
        but if you dont, thankyou for visiting my blog :)

        yeah j'ai un amis, i also have a friend that called best friend
        of course j'ai de la famille et je n'ai copain
        everything is being good at the first but now
        they only come when they need me and that was the fact

        hmmm, i started to being nice with them but they cant pursue what i've been doing for them
        i try to always beside them when they need someone to share, to laugh
        i always find another way, yes another way
        but when it comes to me, they dont, how poor i am?
        and thats i give the tittle i am like an eraser
        they only use an eraser when they need to covering  mistake up
        and when they dont, they left it

        actually, i am not a perfect human
        but, i just feel like an idiot to being like this
        am i alone in this world? no, i have them, but
        when i need them the most, they try to find a billion reason to stay away from me
        but when they need something from me, they will do anything and be nice for me..
        in this situation i am not mad, i just ask you to beside me when the world fall me down
        thats it, just a simple wishes from me

        Dec 18, 2011



        akhir akhir ini entah kenapa jadi suka gitu denger lagu berembel embel stereo haqhaq
        entah itu stereo hearts - travie mcCoy feat Adam levinenya Maroon 5
        atau stereo lovenya mbak Eward Maya feat Vika jiblablabla (ga hafal namanya bowk)
        dududududu, asik semua lagunya, sumpah demi apapun
        the most actually is stereo hearts ituuuu, ada TRAVIE McCOY COOOOYYYY!!!
        asli, suka banget sama bang travie, mulai dari dia featuring sama fob sampe sekarang sama hot Adam!!
        gimana ya, mulai dari the way he sing, he rap, his tattoo, his style, how he walk, and his short pants!
        on my opinion, cowok pake celana lutut itu gimana ya, gantle-sexy aaah (apasih)

        omfg his tattoo, dem!

        so cuuutttteeeeeeeeeee!!!

        uhm one word HOT!
        and here is his music video

        My heart's a stereo,i t beats for you, so listen close hear my thoughts in every note  oo ooo
        Make me your radio turn me up when you feel low this melody was meant for you so sing along to my stereo

        Dec 11, 2011

        Ini dia, si alridho

        (g:gue a:alridho)

        a: eh lut besok kamu mau kuliah ambil jurusan apaan?
        g: insyaAllah Hi dok
        a: dimana tuh?
        g: Ha?
        a: iya maksutnya kuliah dimana?
        g: ooo insyaAllah &^$%#%# amin amin amin
        a:oooo yaya tau tau
        g: kamu dimana dok rencananya?
        a: di okspot
        g: haaa? okspot? dimana? baru denger perasaan
        a: itu yang diluar negri
        g: ya tuhan, OXFORD oksss- foorrdddh bukan okspot idiot!
        a: iya itulah ya namanya
        g: coba dulu
        a: okspot okspot. biasalah orang betawi emang ga bisa nyebut EF makanya bilangnya PE
        g: itu barusan bisa bilang EF
        a: iya kan nyontohin gitu......  hmpfffff *(&%^$#%$&%*(&()&&$^%$!

        masih keidiotan alridho yang lainnya,,,,,

        jadi ceritanya, ceritanya ya bukan asli (menurut gue) alridho bisa ngeramal
        pertamanya gue tertarik diramal soalnya kebetulan waktu itu dia lagi ngeramal mayang
        dan mayangnya ngangguk ngangguk seakan akan ramalannya dia bener
        gue penasaran lah ya juga pengen diramal heuhueheuhue
        dan akhirnya gue diramal haq haq
        pertama dia bilang kalau gue itu manja
        terus dia bilang kalau berdasarkan sejajarnya garis ini gue bakal nikah antara umur 20-25 tahun
        gue kedepannya juga sukses (amin ya Allah amin)
        yang paling menyebalkan itu adalah..
        gue ntar nikah dan suami gue selingkuh, gue juga selingkuh dan selingkuhan gue juga selingkuh
        cuman gue sama suami ga bakal pernah cerai, what the bangettttttt!
        dia juga bilang gini
        a: garis tangan kamu ni abstrak lut, kurang jelas. aku dulu juga gini nih cuman aku jelasin gitu
        g: loh emang bisa?
        a: bisa lah, ada alatnya tuh. waktu masih dijakarta aku pake begituan
        g: trus?
        a: makanya jelas gini
        g: berarti bisa aku tuker kisah perkawinan aku dok?
        a: yah udah ga bisa. ubah garis tangan tuh bisanya waktu kita masih kecil
        g: dasar!
        a: ih beneran loh.
        g: kalau kamu gimana dok?
        a: kalau aku hidupnya sukses nih kedepannya, trus aku terkenal
        g: HE???
        a: ih ga percaya. tanya deh dari ipa 1 sampe ipa 6. siapa yang ga tau sama aku
        g: *%&^%#$&^ iya lah percaya....

        (ini dia ramalnya pake coret coret tangan segala, omfg)

        hmmm mungkin curious juga kali ya kaya apa sih Alridho
        dan sebenernya emang bener, anak kelas satu sama anak kelas dua ada juga gitu yang suka ngejar ngejar dia
        muaheuhueheuhueh INI DIAAAAAAAAAAA

        Dec 7, 2011

        Leophard pms

        hari ini,
        sama aja,
        sama sama tembus tepat sasaran, huft

        Dec 6, 2011

        ini temen gue, Alridho

        ( a : Alridho, g : gue )

        a: eh lut kok kamu wangi bayi mulu sih?
        g: kenapa emang?
        a: gara gara parfume ini ya? (nunjuk minyak telon)
        g:... (tiba tiba emim nyolot)
        e: aa ancak ma do minyak angin kamu bilang parfum
        a: eh iya, serius deh
        g: harus seidiot itu dok?
        a: oo salah ya? maaf deh
        g: hmpffff
        a: eh minyak telon ni buatnya darimana ya? dari telor apa ya?
        g: hooo -_-
        a: iya makanya namanya minyak telor kan
        a: iya minyak telon terbuat dari telor
        g: serah kamu lah dok

        (p: pak alimi a: masih alridho)
        p: dah, masih ada lagi yang mau bertanya tentang hari kiamat?
        (semuanya ragu mau nanya apa lagi dan tiba tiba, alridho...)
        a: pak, tadi kan bapak bilang kalau ibuk ibuk yang menelantarkan anaknya itu dosa
            trus dosa itu pasti masuk neraka. sesuai pernyataan edo yang tadi... (jelasin panjang lebar)
        p: (clingak clinguk) ga ga jadi pertanyaannya tu apa?
        a: hm gini pak, (tampang polos, anak anak juga serius ngeliet ke alridho dan tiba tiba..)
            itu ibuk ibuk yang tadi masuk neraka bagian yang mananya ya pak? GUBRAK!!
        (kelas ketawa ngakak, trus pak alimi garuk garuk kepala lansung duduk balik kemeja)

        Dec 4, 2011

        Its my life

        hmmm, i just wanna type on my conyu (computer unyu) backsound : Bruno.M - lazy song
        Today, there is no activities like usual and i mean it to fix my bonyu!! YAY!

        Blogwalking hari ini, gue lagi liet blog temen gue @SARTIKARTZ
        dan menemukan post baru yang mau gue share kesini, heheh bukan dicopy kok ka he he he
        post yang tiga ini unik gitu menurut gue makanya dishare kesini
        so here we go

        #1 GASUKA

        gue gasuka ular, dan amat sangat tidak suka katak.gue gasuka dan takut sama petir dan kilat. gue gasuka pending. gue anti orang yang hypocrite. gue gasuka temen yang cuma dateng disaat mereka butuh. gue ga bisa tanpa music. gue ga suka sama orang yang suka ngomongin dibelakang dan sok manis didepan gue, macam taik. gue gasuka diremehin. gue gasuka semangat gue dipatahin, itu cuma bakal buat gue jadi menggebu gebu dan ngalahin lo.gue gasuka orang banyak bacot. gue gasuka orang yang disocial network bacotnya kaya preman tapi didunia nyata kaya siput kicrut yang ga punya nyali apa apa. gue gasuka ribet. gue gasuka sok rahasia rahasia yang sepantesnya gue tau. gue gasuka nnunggu. gue gasuka sama hal yang ga jelas. gue gasuka orang sok imut dan sok sok lainnya. gue gasuka debu dan gue alergi debu. gue gasuka kecap! gue gasuka rokok, apalagi asap asapnya. gue gasuka sama orang yang cantiknya palsu. gue gasuka sama orang yang sok dan kebelet eksis. gue gasuka dibanding bandingin. gue gasuka kalau internet lemot. gue gasuka disuruh suru ga jelas. gue gasuka diremehin kalau lagi serius. gue gasuka kalau bbm cuma diread (kalau ga niat chat ga usah bbman). gue gasuka sama orang yang sok ga punya salah. gue gasuka fisika, gue gasuka fisika, gue gasuka fisika. gue gasuka rame rame dalam 1 ruangan untuk hal yang ga jelas. gue gasuka orang kasar. gue gasuka dicuekin! gue gasuka sama orang yang tiba tiba batalin janji. gue gasuka dia! gue benci kenapa gue gabisa ngejaga barang barang, selalu rusak dengan waktu cepat. gue sensitif, you treat me wrong, i will treat you worst. dan itu gue

        #2 SUKA

        geu suka justin bieber. gue suka yogurt. gue suka lasagna.gue suka ungu, putih, hitam, dan gold. gue suka kecu, keju, apalagi mozarella. gue suka hujan. tapi gue gasuka ada banjir. gue suka summer. gue suka channel E! gue suka baca sesuatu yang menurut gue penting. gue suka bahasa inggris dan perancis. gue suka matematik. gue suka dimanaja manjain. gue suka ditarktir. gue suka dielus elus palanya. gue suka dipeluk. gue suka internetan. gue suka tanda tangan atau coret coret buku buku anak sekelas. gue suka buat orang disekitar gue ketawa. gue suka gangguin temen gue yang asik buat digangguin. gue suka Angelina Jolie. gue suka France. gue suka film-ing. gue suka puterin musik sampe pada akhirnya gue bosen. gue suka edit sesuatu sampe akhirnya hasilnya itu abstrak. gue suka jimmy neutron. gue suka masterchef australia. gue suka suri cruise. gue suka Bapak Alimi. gue suka shall zara yang dikasih ackbar 2 tahun yang lalu. gue suka barbie, gue suka rumah barbie. gue suka pake baju simple, jilbab simple, dan semuanya simple. gue suka semua yang berhubungan dengan macamnya princess princess itu. gue suka main bingo. gue suka the sims 3 alaupun pake cheat code. gue suka tumblr-ing. gue suka parfume casablanca pink. gue suka banget bangetan sama eiffel. gue suka hutan. gue suka wangi hutan. gue suka waterfall. gue suka youtube-ing sampe begadang buat liat mv artis artis yang menurut gue itu bagus. gue suka sesuatu hal yang harus dipecahkan, dan itu gue.

        #3 MAU

        gue mau masuk surga.gue pengen hidup bahagia diperancis bareng suami dan anak anak gue kelak. gue pengen keliling dunia. gue pengen naikin haji orang orang yang teramat special buat gue. gue pengen suara gue ga secempreng ini. gue pengen punya pintu kemana aja. gue pengen seanggun barbie. gue pengen punya temen yang ga hanya ada disaat dia butuh gue, gue pengen mereka juga selalu ada disaat gue butuh mereka. geu pengen "dia" tau disaat gue bilang ga kenapa kenapa, dia bilang kalau dia itu tau kalau sebenrnya gue ada apa apanya. gue pengen dia tau kalau gue sayang asli ga dibuat buat sama dia. gue sayang lo bodoh! gue pengen hebat ngedesign tata letak rumah. gue pengen dan gue mau banget bisa dapet jurusan HI di universitas yang selama ini gue incar incar, amin. gue pengen lebih tinggi dari sekarang. gue pengen rumah gue kelak ada studio bioskop mini dan punya ruangan senjata senjata. gue mau jadi detektif. gue pengen banggain keluarga gue, dia dan semua orang yang gue kenal. dan itu gue.

        speechless yang ga dibuat buat

        so today, someone-that-you-shouldn't-have-to-know ask me to invite her sister bbm
        actually i am ashamed to do this, why?
        i am afraid i will make it like miss-chit-chat
        and she will thinkin that i am just not good enough for his lil brother

        so last night, i invite her bbm
        and she start the conversation and it was liike..
        (h:her m:me)

        h: salam kenal ya
        m: eheh iya kak
        h: temennya someone-that-you-shouldn't-have-to-know yah?
        m: ehehe iya kak, salam kenal juga yaa
        h: temen atau temen deket?
        m: uhm temen sepermainan mungkin kak hehe
        h: oh gitu, soalnya dia pernah cerita kalau dia punya temen deket cuman kakak ga tau siapa
             heheh iya kak temen deketnya someone-that-you-shouldn't-have-to-know
        h: ohahahaha. ilut ga bobok?
        m: belum kak bentar lagi, (dan seketika bbm itu sudah berpindah tangan kepada someone-that-you-shouldn't-have-to-know
        h: ini aku oi
        m: kemana ajaaaaa!!! sumpah demi apapun speechles banget tadi akunya! setan alas hmpfffffff
        h: hahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahaha

        sebenernya cerita ini ga ada bagus bagusnya sih cuman ya pengen share aja haqhaq