Nov 15, 2011


i found him! i found someone who i can close to, perhaps!
Austin Mahone, his song and the way he smile just look like Justin!
Even there is no one in this world can replace him, Justin Bieber but,...
And of course, he really love justin, he is one of millions belieber in this world!!
the most song that he covered was justin's
shit!!!! shit!!! his smile, the second person that make me melt with his smile
and of course, the first must be Justin Bieber.

One of song cover by him, Mistletoe

an addiction ;) Big bro, Cee lo green

Hopefully, someday there is a good guy will playing a guitar and singing for me <3


Ackbar said...

masih dibawah gw nih bocah,, kalah

Luthfia Hidy Bieber said...

katanya bobok

Ackbar said...

udah gih bobok, dibilang dari tadi juga, off! go to bed, now.!