Sep 4, 2011

Start with Bismillah

Hello fellas!
Blog tampilan baru yay! more pretty, love it.

Hmm, Today is the last day for me to laying in my bed and hang out with my buddy
Because tomorrow, the new day of my life to be more serious for a brighter future
Study hard, its a must! And so i have to be busy studying.
No more thinking about a guy
No more hanging out all the time
No more Blackberry Messanger
No more wasting time to the unclear one
And no more no more no more!!!

All depands on me to choose the best way of my life
I am in the third grade right now
And less than 6 months later will follow the national exam
And a few weeks after that will tahe the SNMPTN
Which determines me to get into the university that i want
And it depands how i have been doing from right now to reach it
InsyaAllah, Bismillahhirrahmanirrahiim
I wanna in Relan International in Indonesian University (amin)
French Literature in Indonesian University (amin)
On STAN, and Law at Unand (amin)
Hopefully, One of them "dijabah" heard by Allah SWT
Amin Ya Rabb.

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