Aug 11, 2011


Hey you! yes you, a good guy over there!
listen to me, please
Just want you to know
I already in love with you
But sometimes i felt bored if we only texting all-day-long
I have a life too
You would never know how hard to be me
You always said that you are not understand with my mind
You know how sad to hear that? yes, you never know
Sometimes love doesn't need a proof
Just trust in me, we'll found the happiness in our way
But, if you always saying that you are not believe that i love you
I just don't know what anything else to do
I'm messed up
You can leave me, i am sure
Thats will be a hard part of my life
Remember, someday when i was changing, honestly i am not changed
I am just stop trying to please you

Sincerely, Your fans arms

Ilvtjdb :(

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