Aug 2, 2011

About me, us, her, and you :(

Wuuuus, i miss you already akang Justin!
That video had been my medicine for the ill of the sick missing you all the time
Actually, i watched this video two das ago
One day after you uploaded it
Everytime i watched this, i just thinking you are the most kindest-funniest-person!
Just cant stop laughing
You are hero of this
But there is one thing that make me sad, you've been changing!
Listen to me, a special message for you..


Dearest my super hero, Justin Bieber

Your tweet, its about on week ago,
"I would NEVER put my fans on hold for girl. My fans are my family, and will always be at the top of my priorities" @Justinbieber

Yup! Thats why you lied and said you were in Canada when really you are in Florida.
Thats why you never directly came out and told us that Selena is your girlfriend.
Instead you lie to us, while going shopping and going to the beach
Grabbing her ass and shoving your tongue down her throat, 
Knowing that there will be a paparazzi taking pictures of you
Justin, I love you! but seriously,
You have put your fans on hold for a girl
when is the last time you talked to us?? Talked to a fan
got to know her name, had a conversation with her? yet it's been awhile
when is the last time you made a random video for your fans?
or did a cover, just so we could feel like we are not missing out on much?
lets face it, we are already not his priority anymore :(

we are even close to being his top priority :(
his new album is not even his top priority
god why did Selena did to come and ruin everything :(

he is changing so much
and he is tweeting like everything is fine
like nothing even fucking happened
he won't tell us the complete truth
and he is not even himself anymore
selena fucked changed him!!!
i dont care what anyone says anymore!
she changed him
he went from his fans being top priority to last priority
now, selena his top priority
i love him so much, it hurts :(
i wish he knew what he was doing to me, to us, beliebers
he is pushing his beliebers away
he doesnt even call us "beliebers"
he call us "fans"
is that all we are to him?
fans? he cant call us his beliebers?
he cant even take the time to make a simple video for us?
of course not. he is too busy grabing selena's ass on the beach :(
i can't take this anymore
still kidrauhl? a kids from small town? i wish :(

Ilvt, your biggest belieber

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