Jun 12, 2011

The women who cant be moved

Here they are, my last playlist when i was sad, thinking about him, and of course cant be moved...

1. Hey Monday - Candles
"You're invisible, invisible to memy wish is coming true erase the memory of your face, lost sight couldnt see when it was you and me"

 2. Big Time Rush - Till I Forget About You
"I found a place where i can lose my self and just leave your memory on the shelf. see i am fine, no i dont need nobody else... i swear i'll do anything that i have to till i forget about you"

3. Adele - Someone Like You
"I heard that your dreams came true, that she gave you things i didnt give to you...Nevermind i'll find someone like you i wish nothing but the best for you too. dont forget me, i beg i remember you said, sometime it last in love but sometime it hurts instead"

4. Justin BIeber ft Rascall Flatts - That Should Be Me
"That should be me holding your hand, that should be me making you laugh, that should be me this is so sad. taht should be me buying you gift that should be me feeling your kiss this is so wrong i cant go on till you believe that should be me"

5. Keith Martin - Because of you
"Because of you my life has changed thankyou for the love and the you bring, because of you i feel no shame i'll tell the world its because of you"


6. A Rockets To The Moon - Like W e Used To
"It shoulda been me inside that car,It should have been me instead of him in the dark, does he watch your favorite movies, does he hold you when you cry, does he do all this thing oh like we used to" 

7. Queen - Love of My Life
"Love of my life you hurt me, you  broken my heart and now you leave me. love of my life can you see bring it back bring it back dont take it away from me because you dont know what its mean to me"

8. Puff Daddy ft Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing you
"Every step i take every move i amke every single day every time i pray i'll be missing you. Thinking of the day when you away what a life to take what a bond to break i'll be missing you"

 9. P!nk - Please dont Leave me
"Please dont leave me i always said how i dont need you but it always gonna come right back to this, please dont leave me"

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