Jun 18, 2011

Final jam of Galaxi- Asix

Hello world! Bonjour! Hows life?
I am just fine today, because less than 5 hours later, My super duper cute yummy cool class (read: Galaxi Asix) will face an incredible moment of the time of our life for the best one year, yeah its about HOMESTAY!!

I just cant wait for this, so many hard working for two weeks ago and finnally we can get this!
I am not yet packing, haha its been for three days there and you know how cold the wather is?
hemm, just imagine the freezer of the refrigerator, no i am kidding, but emm its ike the winter of Paris. yes, its cold!

And todays gonna be a big day of my sweet class, okay its time me to packing some heated clothing and many more, so just praying us gonna be fine.

Bonne chance ma classe, que ça va être le meilleur jour!

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