May 30, 2011

so randomsucks

this all picture will represent what i feel yesterday, right now and perhaps tomorrow. its suck! so random! and i just dont know what to do with you!, not him! not the one that i screaming about, not the one that i yelling his name everytime i see. but you! yes you! the one that make my life started to bright! its fucking being me, i am not a person that directly tell what i feel. i hide it from everyone, and now, noone know that i love you! i am afraid to lose you, i dont want you to let me go. i am jealous when you with her, her and her! its suck. dont ever think that i am not love you, i hate you, its a big no!! je viens de faire semblant que toutle monde ne peut pas voir ce que je ressens. i am bored of being single, i dont even know anymore if i am or not.. i mean bored. i just cant get the beat......

that you ask me :(

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