Nov 6, 2010

lost AGAIN

this is it the SUCK NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know why its really bored everyone make me hurt and just SOMEPEOPLE want to fix it!
first >>> HE. he has three consonan name *d* i dont know why i can love a boy like him. i still remember the first time i met him. it was four years ago at LBA LIA he was my classmate and he always wear a black clothes and its so so of my feeling. in the next class he still be my classmate and i started to know something about him he loves music his english is good than me and he was nice! but the next class it was change i wasn't his classmate anymore and i think i was lost contact with him. so i forget it but oneday he comes to my mind and i can't refuse i'm looking for his friendster (3 years ago mamen wkwk) and the results was NOTIHNG! and next next next day facebook was come and i sign up. after about five months i join in this social network and I FOUND HIM! and my feeling at that time is so so.long long long time later i closer to him i often chat with him on YM and via facebook and he still be the nice guy that i know three years ago COOL! and i know i have a something different feeling for him it was LOVE and i never talk to him i just hide this feeling untill now

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