Jan 20, 2015

Deep Into China, First Week!!

Finally, China! An exiciting moment has come! 

Thursday 15 of january 2015, 01.40 AM -4 Celcius, 7 hours flight, Beijing International Airport. So i sit in kfc to eat something, and suddenly i found a guy that hold a paper with a "Deep into China" in it in the arrival gate. Uh im so relieved that time because i tought that Patrick will pick me up at 6 am in the morning, and also Wendy!! Its really good to see them, so kind of you guys! We got the bus and then get to the hostel. 

In saturday night, 17 of jan. We all had dinner in The Grandma's. Anastasia and Maksim from Rusia, Giulia from Italy, Charles from Malaysia, Apple from Vietnam and Ehab from Egypt and two guys are coming Jean from Germany and then Danyal from Egypt. And the sweet OC, Christina, Stephani and the Stella. But before that, we went to the Forbidden city from the Qing Dynasty.

Pardon my face :(

In the next day, OC gave us the game in Tobacco Pipe or The Yandai Byway, Yandai Xie Jie. Like we should get 5 signature of OC by asking Chinnese people to take a picture, match the Chinnese words, buy 2 of Chinnese food-street. And guess what, Chas with me are the winner for this game! Yeay!! We do really make an epic team Chas!!! For the next here it comes, Chinnese Caligraphy, really excited for this one. Jiaoshi teach us how to write this Chinnese Caligraphy, it was sooooooo amazing! And he told me that i was great to do that. He made Lulu for me in Chinnese caligraphy also haha it was really cool!

Finally, The World Cultural Heritage, Great Wall!! Especially Giulia and me really exciting for this. We should wake up at 7 in the morning of Jan 19th and then sit in the bus for almost 4 hours. We go to the North side of Great Wall and of course with the OC and the Buddies. The funny thing is theres like 4 years old chinnese kid was climbing too! And i dont know why is these chinnese kid really cute as hell. They red cheek omg i just can't stand for it! So tired but it was fun, and when we reached the apartment we make a dumpling, Fanny just really great about this.

And today, Jan 20. We went to Heaven temple, it was really huge place, like really huge. But its different, we went there without oc or buddies accompany us hahah its because Chas and Frank can speak Chinnese just say that we can still ask people if we get lost. Next is the Lama Temple, unfortunately the temple just closed 5 minutes before we arrive there, so sad. But tomorrow we will go there in the morning!!! Wait for us!!